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Make the switch to renewable energy and save big.

Our solar team is here to make the transition to solar frictionless for you, your family, or your business. Our team of experts will help you take advantage of all solar has to offer and pay less for energy than you currently pay for your power bill. Harness the power of the sun and keep money in your pocket.
MAXIMUM SOLAR SALES – Expert installation, no-hassle financing, all for less than your utility bill.

Learn how we can make you $1,000  per signed-up referral,

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"Maximum Solar Sales did a fascinating job on our solar project in Clearwater. They were punctual and very professional. The work was done quickly and completed with a high level of craftsmanship. Everyone from their sales to their install crew was courteous and kind. I will definitely recommend them to friends and family."

Tom St. Petersburg.

"There are so many choices for solar out there, it's hard to make a solid decision. Maximum Solar Sales made the process go easy and smooth. With planning meetings and status reports and always answering the phone, no questions went unanswered. The system is doing exactly what it projected. My family will be saving a ton of money yearly which we can use for travel. Thank you for the excellent service Ed and the installation team."

Mary Tampa

"Excellent experience from the first inquiry to installation. There are many solar providers to choose from and Maximum Solar Sales was a superior choice for our solar needs. This team is comprised of experts who efficiently managed every aspect of our project with professionalism and expertise. If you are considering going solar, this is a solar company for you to give serious consideration for your solar installation."


Maximum Solar Sales helps you take advantage of government incentives including rebates, tax write-offs, and utility credits that save you money even before installation. With the 2022 Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC), you can claim up to 30% of your system cost. Take advantage of this opportunity today! We’re here to make your transition to solar smoothly. We know that an investment in solar helps protect your home and your family against rising inflation and energy rates. Electrical energy monopoly is real and our goal is to make energy affordable. Our team will connect you with the right people, customized design, and continued maintenance to keep your life on solar running worry-free.

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